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What attractions are there in Montreal worth visiting?

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We would be taking a family vacation trip to Montreal but I do not want to purchase a tour packages to go there. I find that in a tour group we are rushed into completing the tour. I really want to schedule my own trip within our leisure times and not rush things up. I like to take time in enjoying a certain place or spots and then move onto the other ones. Any suggestions on which attractions is worth visiting in Montreal? We are thinking one week vacation should be enough.
asked in Barrie by Rose Burns (183 points)

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1 Answer

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One good idea would be to either take a bus to go to Montreal or take a flight and then rent a car from some rental company such as Enterprise rental car company. This way you can use the rented car and tour the city at your leisure time. You won't be bothered by the tight schedules of a tour group. Besides, being in a tour group you can't really get the feel of a place properly because they only allow so little time to spend at one certain spot or places. Whereas by renting a car you can have the freedom to go anywhere you like and take as much time as you want to spend at a certain place.

(1) Old Montreal has buildings dating back to the 17th,18th or 19th century and Notre Dame Basilica should not be missed.

(2) Biodome- Montréal's Olympic Park was the site of the 1976 Summer Olympics. With the seashell-shaped Olympic Stadium at its heart, the park is a major recreation destination. Other sites within the park include the covered botanic-zoological Biodôme garden, the creative botanical garden, and collections of creepy-crawlies at the Insectarium.

(3) St. Joseph's Oratory: The Oratoire Saint-Joseph in Montréal, near the western exit from Mount Royal Park, is dedicated to Canada's patron saint. It is a mecca for pilgrims, with its huge Renaissance-style domed basilica dating to 1924. Brother André of the Congrégation de Sainte-Croix had already built a small chapel here in 1904, where he performed miraculous acts of healing for which he was canonized in 1982. His tomb is in one part of the sanctuary in the original chapel. Votive gifts are displayed in a second chapel. A cloister behind the church leads up to Mont-Royal. There is a good northwest view from the observatory over Montréal and Lac Saint-Louis.

(4) Square Saint-Louis: Near the Sherbrooke Metro Station, Square Saint-Louis rates as one of Montréal's prettiest old squares and is set in a turn-of-the-century French-Canadian residential quarter. In the little streets around the tree-shaded square, there are still a few attractive Victorian houses. Some now house pleasant restaurants.

(5) St. Mary Queen of the World: The Catholic Mary Queen of the World Cathedral, east of Place du Canada, was built in 1894 as a smaller version of St. Peter's in Rome. The massive statues represent the patron saints of the Archbishopric of Montréal in the 19th century. A series of paintings by Georges Delfosse retell Montréal's tumultuous history.

answered by Pedro Melo (154 points)

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