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How do you use Caboki Hair Loss Concealer? Does Caboki work on completely bald?

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Once I saw a TV commercial about Caboki Hair Loss Concealer and it looked really awesome and cool. It showed how someone with very little hair, could apply this product on their head scalp and immediately their results were astonishing. It seemed like one could get a head full of hair within a few minutes of using this caboki hair loss fibre material. I feel that there must be a catch though. It sounded too good to be true.

I myself have been suffering from severe hair loss since at a young age, and ever since my hair hasn't been growing back to normal. I am not looking for a quick temporary hair loss solution, rather I would prefer a Permanent hair loss solution. Minoxidil and other hair loss solution are okay till the time, I am continuing the use of the product. The moment I stopped applying the Minoxidil, my hair starts falling off rapidly again, bringing me back to my previous condition. Besides I was also getting pimples and acne problems by using Minoxidil topical solution.

In the past, I tried Finasteride hair loss treatment tablets also, which were taken orally everyday. I didn't get much satisfied results because my libido drive was diminished. Besides my hair didn't grow back much either. What grew were very fine thin hair and similar to Minoxidil results, those thin fine hair disappeared after I stopped using them.
asked in Swift Current by Henry

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1 Answer

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Caboki is an all natural hair loss Concealer which works like a hair building fibre. It is made from a type of plant fibre only found in Morocco and the black color comes from natural minerals added to the plant fibre to achieve the desired black color. This means that Caboki is safe for all types of skins and doesn't cause allergy to your hair scalp when applied.

To use the Caboki Hair Loss Concealer, you gently sprinkle the hair fibre by tapping on your hair scalp until you get the desired amount on your hair scalp. Although the bottle doesn't look like it contains much amount of hair fibre, you will be surprised how long the same bottle can last you. You only need a few tap and sprinkle to apply.

If you are completely bald, applying Caboki may not help completely. You need some amount of thin hair for the Caboki Hair Fibres to attach to. This product is for people whose hair is thinning and not completely bald.


1. Caboki Hair Loss Concealer helps make your hair look thicker and fuller in General.

2. The Hair fibre looks very natural and not fake, and so not many people will notice the difference. My spouse did not know I used Caboki until I told her.

3. Caboki Hair fibre clings onto your thin hair and usually does not fall off easily.

4. Caboki Hair Loss Concealer is safe for people who has sensitive skin because it doesn't cause allergy to the skin.

5. Caboki hair fibre can be washed off easily by using any shampoo.

6. Caboki containers last quite long because you only need a few amount of it to work.


1. Caboki Hair Fibre does not replace hair transplant. It is used temporarily to achieve the appearance of a thicker and fuller hair.

2. Caboki hair building fibre works well only when it is dry. When it rains or your hair gets wet, caboki looks messy on your head scalp.

3. The powder from the container can dirty your white shirt or white pants easily. Keep your white clothes well away from Caboki powder hair fibre.

4. You need to have some thin hair for Caboki Hair fibre to cling onto. If you are completely bald with shiny head scalp, your results will look weird and unsatisfactory.

5. Don't rub your hair much after application. All your Caboki Hair Fibre could come off and dirty your hands.

6. Applying the Caboki Hair Loss Powder takes practise to get the best results. You will almost never get a good result the first time, you started using it.
answered by Mannings

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