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In Canada, which is better to use electric dryers or simply to hang our clothes out to dry?

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In a place such as Canada, sometimes it is quite inconvenient to hang our clothes outside to dry because the weather can be quite unpredictable. Although I read that letting our clothes hang dry outside keeps our clothes fresh and preserves the color longer, I am usually worried about the sudden change of weather all in one day's time. One moment it could be sunny and before the end of the day it could start raining. If we didn't watch the weather forecast for the day, then we sometimes end up with more wet clothes. In the winter, all the clothes hanging will be done indoor which require lots of space.

On the other hand, using an electric dryer could be quite damaging for the clothes in the long term. That's what I read about on the internet. The clothes don't last longer and the color fades faster as compared to hanging clothes to dry. Wear and tear appears much earlier on the clothes and it doesn't smell as fresh after using the electric dryer to dry clothes.

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asked in Williams Lake by Taylor Roberts (160 points)

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1 Answer

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It is better to dry your clothes hanging them inside or outside using cloth line. In the summer, you can take advantage of the sunshine to dry your clothes. Your clothes will smell fresher and look better when hanged out to dry in the sun. But in the winter, you should take your clothes to hang dry inside your house. If you have central heating system, the hot warm air circulating in side your house will dry your hanging clothes within 48 hours (2 Days). You can use the clothes hanging wires system that you can easily buy in Walmart and they are about three feet tall and three feet wide. Try not to use the electric clothes dryer because it shortens the lifespan of your clothes and speeds up the color fade of your clothing.
answered by Henry Cooley (148 points)

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