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Where can i buy a good quality office manager leather chair for a reasonable price in Canada?

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I have looked at a lot of places such as Walmart, Canadiantire and other private stores but I couldn't find a decent office leather manager chair for a reasonable price. Some of the chairs seemed alright but they are task chair which means they have a low back support and not a full back support. I like the chairs which has full back support so that my neck can rest properly while I am working at my desk. The half back task chair only gives rest to my lower back and the upper part of my back including my head and neck is very uncomfortable. I like the ones where I can tilt the chair to a certain angle because everyone has their own comfort angle of sitting on a chair.

An ideal one would look something like below:

Leather Office Chair

asked in Comox / Courtenay / Cumberland by Richard Powell (168 points)

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1 Answer

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Staples.ca has the best selection of office chairs and tables in Canada. Unfortunately a lot of their stores are closing due to unknown reason. I had always liked buying office furniture from staples and I love their electronics prices as well. Recently it seemed that staples Canada had been putting more effort into online sales of their goods. I had been receiving coupons of $10 off on purchase of items worth $100 to my email regularly. But I like to first see things with my own eyes before buying something, and I usually do end up ordering for that items online anyways, because sometimes their physical store doesn't have the item in stock.

Staples.ca do carry good brands office chairs from Serta and other companies but they also have their own staples brand which are pretty much copy of the original brand name chairs for much cheaper prices. Their own brand chairs will look different in designs and feel, and their quality is slightly inferior to the original expensive brands. If you are budget conscious person then opting for the staples brand office chairs will be a good choice. It is always better to wait for a sale on the chairs as staples frequently put their items for sale on their flyers.

So check out some of the latest collection of office chairs from Staples.ca and watch out for special sale from time to time because they do go on sale for 50% off on office chairs and furnitures, at staples.ca
answered by Park Mai (165 points)

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