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We are looking for a temporary boarding place for our four elderly female spayed cats while we look for a permanent living arrangements. We will provide food and pay boarding fees, etc.. We are looking to buy a home in Truro so it would be only a temporary stay. Probably no more than two months or shorter. Please call 902 843 0613. Thank you.

Betty Fraser
asked in Truro by Betty Fraser

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1 Answer

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There is a cat boarding place just 10 minutes south of Truro, on a beautiful country property called "Hemlock Kitty Kennel". They accept cats for short or long boarding and they provide dry cat food if required. You can also bring your own cat food or favourite blanket, toys, Pillow or anything you fancy. They have requirements that your cats are up to date with their vaccinations.

Check out their website at hemlockkittykennel.com

answered by Cassandra

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