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My Dodge Caravan Minivan's front two Indicator lights and rear two Indicator lights would not flash, when I am unlocking or locking my Dodge Caravan with my remote car keys buttons. How can I fix this indicator light not flashing problem, without the need to bring my Dodge Caravan to a car mechanic?

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It all happened out of the blue one day, when I was coming out of a shopping mall and I was trying to locate my Dodge Caravan amongst the rows of cars in the mall parking lot. I could hear my Dodge Caravan's  beeping sound but I couldn't see where it was located. I was actually looking for the front and back yellow indicator lights flashing but couldn't see any flashing lights.

After a while, I managed to locate my old Dodge Caravan and I was kinda surprised to only being able to hear the beep sound but no yellow indicator lights flashing. It felt weird to learn about the problem and I tried to remember, if I made any changes to my Dodge Caravan. Pondering over the situation and trying to recollect all the things I might have done to cause this problem, was of no help. That was because as far as I can remember, I myself didn't do anything out of the ordinary to cause this dodge caravan indicator lights not flashing problem when unlocking or locking vehicle.

The first thought that came to my mind was, "Darn It!" Looks like I got some bad lights problem or something to do with the car's circuit board problem. Or Perhaps, the jumper on the circuit board under the hood was burnt out. Whatever the cause of the problem was, I am not willing to give it to the car mechanic and incur some expenses. I only remember I had given my car for my cousin to use for a few days, and this has happened. But my cousin swore that she didn't do anything besides the normal. Then what could be the solution to this problem?
asked in Prince Albert by Turner

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1 Answer

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This is a very simple and quick fix to activate the "Flash lights on lock/unlock" feature of your Dodge Caravan. You do not need to go to a car mechanic or spend money on repairing the circuit boards or any car computer parts.

When the same problem happened to me, I was surprised and couldn't figure out what went wrong all of a sudden. I asked my wife if she did anything to make it stop flashing lights on lock/unlock, and she was 100% positive, she didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

So I went online and also checked my Dodge Caravan owners manual and as mentioned by someone on the internet, I realised how easy it was to do the fix. All you need to use was the remote car keys. You press a series of button while holding the other button and then it enable or disable certain features.

Try out the technique below first and if it doesn't work, then you can head over to a car mechanic (Try it out on your own risk, no guarantee on if any damages or further problem will arise, this just serves as a guide):

1. Press and hold the "Lock" button on your remote car keys for about 5 or 10 seconds.

2. While the "Lock" button is being held on for about 5 to 10 seconds, you then press the "Unlock" button on your car keys.

3. Now release both the "Lock" and "Unlock" buttons together.

4. You might hear a beep or see lights flash once.

5. It's done now. You can test to see if both the front and rear lights flashes when you are locking or unlocking your Dodge Caravan Minivan.

If you want to disable the "Flash lights on Lock/Unlock feature", repeat the above steps again.
answered by Patrick

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