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How do I delete my own Facebook account without annoying my friends and families? Is it a shame in my society, if I don't keep a Facebook account in this social media world?

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When Facebook came out many years ago, I was very excited and elated to quickly join the social media world. In the beginning it was fun and I have been able to connect to a lot of old friends and relatives through Facebook. I thank Facebook for that giving me the opportunity to connect with my otherwise lost friends and relatives.

Afterwards I realised that posting in Facebook became just as dangerous when it comes to privacy issue. I mean people in my friends list gets to know everything that I do in my daily lives, that's alright. But even strangers comes to know a lot about me too which can be scary. I get friends request from complete strangers and who knows how many people have downloaded my pictures already in the past.

If someone really wants to, they can figure out every movement of your lives and stalk you if they want. They can even figure out where you live and your private lives just by checking out your photos in Facebook. It is not hard to do all that evil intentions for anyone with a  evil mind.

I remember one news some years ago, wherein a thief figured out that a couple had gone for a vacation outside the country, and he took this opportunity to break into their house and stole a lot of expensive belongings. This all was possible because the thief was able to know through the photos and status of the couple's Facebook postings. Although you can control how much privacy settings you want for your Facebook account, but for other people who are not as tech savvy, they will be vulnerable for attacks on their privacy.

Another reason why I like to close my facebook account is that I barely uses it anymore. After starting a family of my own, there is hardly any time left for me to go online. All those house work and taking care of kids takes up most of my time. Don't get me wrong, Facebook is still a wonderful creation for a lot of people in the world. It is just that for other people, there comes a need to close a chapter in their lives and move on to something better and more worthwhile.
asked in Thompson by Victoria

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1 Answer

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There are various reasons why you would want to delete your Facebook account such as wasting too much time scrolling over fake Facebook news, being trolled by strangers, your parent spying on your social media life, distraction on your career goals, comparing your life with other friends and relatives, hopelessly wishing you could have the lavish life of people you see in Facebook. Whatever reason you hold inside of you, you have made the final decision to keep yourself apart from the online social world.

But before you actually do that, you should know that you can "Deactivate your Facebook" which will give you "Time out" until you decide to get back to Facebook or permanently delete your Facebook account. Facebook doesn't really want people to leave their social platform and besides, some people changes their mind at the last moment and they would like a second chance to undo those changes.

1. To "Deactivate" or "Delete" your Facebook account, you must login into your Facebook account first.

a. Click on "Settings" from the drop down menu. Look for the "Your Facebook Information" on your left hand column list. Click on it.

b. On the bottom last option you will see "Deactivation and Deletion". Click on view.

c. Here you can choose whether to Deactivate or delete your Facebook account.

2. Keep in mind, if you logged into your Facebook account after you have "Deactivated it", you will then reactivate your account just by logging in.

3. By deactivating your Facebook account, you profile will not be visible to others anymore, and most information about yourself will be removed from your shares. But you will still be able to use Facebook messenger even though your account has been "Deactivated".

4. If you choose to permanently delete your Facebook account, all the content and information about yourself including what you have shared will be deleted. This includes your Facebook messenger and all the archived messages you have received or sent in the past.

5. If you feel you want to keep a copy of all your Facebook Information just in case you want to use it on other services that belongs to Facebook like Instagram or Watsapp, you can click on "Settings", "Your Facebook Information", "Download your information", "View" and "Create file".

6. When deleting your Facebook account, Facebook takes about 90 days to completely remove your information from its system and you can't access any of your Facebook Information during this 90 days waiting time. So, this is a final complete deletion of your Facebook account.
answered by Warren

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