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What should i do with my IPhone when it had fallen into the toilet?

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Accidentally I had dropped my IPhone into the toilet and it had submerged into the water for a few seconds before I pulled it out quickly. I wished IPhone were waterproof so that we did not need to worry about the phone getting wet. Anyways, then i used a fan to blow dry my IPhone and turned it on to check if it was working. The screen color had become slightly distorted and flickering could be seen. Maybe the water had entered into the phone circuit board and partly damaged it. Should I simply let it dry by itself or should I do something to quickly dry it faster?

Iphone 6 

asked in Brandon by Tia Skinner (175 points)

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1 Answer

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A quick solution would be to put your iPhone into a small bag of uncooked rice or use several silica gel packs of drying agent (You will find them inside leather bags or goods). Uncooked rice will absorb the moisture and water inside your iPhone but it will take some time to do so. It is recommended to keep it in for at least 24 hours for better results. Keep several packs of silica gel inside a plastic bag and put your iPhone inside too. Leave it in for at least 24 hours for the moisture to be absorbed. Be careful when handling silica packs because they are actually poison and has the potential to harm pets and small children.

Silica Gel

answered by George Toby (156 points)

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