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How can i improve my eyesight without going for Lasik Surgery in Canada?

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My eyesight had always been weak ever since my childhood life. I guess I must have read too many books and watched TV for extended hours without giving my eyes any rest. Surely these habits and activities of mine had done harm to my eyes and now I need to wear thick eyeglasses to see properly. I used to think that Farmers have good eyesight because they don't do any activity which involves seeing an object in close distance such as reading books or watching TVs for long hours. The farmers spend a lot of their time in their field and only watches TVs for a short period of time or uses computer briefly in their spare time.

I read online that there are eyes exercise that we can perform everyday and our eyes will get better eventually. I know that Lasik Surgery is not the ultimately solution and besides Lasik could be quite expensive. I knew some people who did Lasik surgery but still had to wear eyeglasses even though their vision is technically 20/20. When they needed to read newspaper, surprisingly those who had Lasik surgery had to wear + plus power eye glasses. At night while looking at traffic lights, some people reported seeing big balls of red or green lights which is rather abnormal for a corrected 20/20 vision. So after hearing and reading about these things, Lasik does not seem to be a good choice for me personally.


asked in Brandon by Tia Skinner (175 points)

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1 Answer

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For immediate relaxation and training of your eyes, try this simple exercise. You will be amazed that it is possible to improve your eyesight to a certain degree where at least you won't have to wear glasses in your house. There is no guarantee that your vision can be restored to 20/20 completely after performing this exercise for years but at least you won't need to wear higher power glasses. It is possible to keep the same glass power year after year if you practise this exercise daily.

(1) Close your eyes.

(2) Use both the centre palm of your hand, and place them over your eyes. The palm should not be touching your eyes leaving some space between your palm and your eyes.

(3) With your eyes closed, look as far left as possible. You will feel eyes muscle stretching which is a good thing. Hold that position for a few seconds.

(4) Look as far right as possible and hold on for few seconds.

(5) Look as far up as possible and hold for few seconds.

(6) Look as far down as possible and hold for few seconds.

(7) Now start looking in a circle as far to the edges as possible. Do it clockwise and then anti-clockwise.

The main purpose of this exercise is to stretch your eyes muscles and relax them. By doing so, there will be more blood circulation going through your eyes and your eyesight will seem to be more clearer than before. The best time to do this exercise is just before sleeping at night. The reason for doing this exercise at night is that your eyes can relax for the whole night so that in the morning your eyes will be refreshed and ready to see the world in better clarity without glasses or Lasik surgery.
answered by George Toby (156 points)

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