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Can I save money on my electricity bills by using a dimmer for my ceiling pot lights? How much can I save if I normally dimmed my pot lights to 50% of the actual power watts?

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I have always been a lover of ceiling pot lights or recessed lights and I have them installed all over my house. I bought those ones which consumes about 12 watts because I found them to be much brighter than the 7 watts pot lights.

When I had them installed, I found that the 12 watts pot lights were quite bright when they were turned on. I also had a dimmer installed and I was able to control the brightness of the pot lights. I find that dimming the pot lights to 50% of the full power, it was just ideal for my liking. When I needed brighter lights I could simply increase the pot lights brightness to my liking by using the dimmer.

I know many people would suggest why not just install the less brighter pot lights which consumes 7 watts. I find that these 7 watts pot lights are not bright enough even when not dimmed at all.

I am concerned about possible increase in my monthly electricity bills because of my new ceiling pot lights. Previously I had only 2 CFL lights installed which in total consumed 26 watts altogether. Now instead I have 5 ceiling pot lights with each consuming about 12 watts each, for a total of 60 watts altogether. I installed 5 pot lights at strategic positions on the ceiling, in order to spread out the pot lights better to make the rooms brighter. Will my electricity bills be reduced in half if I keep my pot lights dimmed at 50% of full power. I mean I find there is enough brightness when I dimmed my pot lights to half power.
asked in Charlottetown by Shawn

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2 Answers

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Of course, you can definitely save money just by dimming your LED pot lights to your choice of level brightness. The modern days LED pot lights dimmer actually reduces the energy being used to power the pot lights. For example, if your pot light consumes 12 watts of power when on full power brightness, you then dimmed it to 50% of the full power, your energy consumption will drop to only 6 watts of power.

This was not the case for the older model of pot lights. In the past, when you used a dimmer to dim your lights, you still consume the same amount of required energy and the remaining energy is lost as heat energy. So you weren't necessary saving any money even though you were dimming your lights.

LED pot lights works far better and superior than a CFL bulb, and they last longer than any other type of lights. LED pot lights also do not heat up much as compared to CFL and other types of light bulbs. It also last longer without getting burnt too early as is the case with other types of light bulbs. These are the reasons why LED lights are so much in demand and popular amongst people who knows the truth behind the advantages of using an LED light bulbs.

If you find yourself using only half of the full power for your pot lights, you might want to consider buying a lower wattage pot lights which will be less brighter but at least according to your choice preference. There would be times when you need to use full power for maximum brightness from your pot lights and in that case, you are better off sticking with the higher wattage pot lights and using a dimmer to instead achieve a lesser brightness when needed.
answered by Francis
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Watch video on "Does a dimmer really saves you electricity when you dimmed your lights? Find out now by measuring the wattage when your lights are dimmed":

answered by Prezler

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