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Which web browser is most suitable to use in Canada - Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Internet Explorer?

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I am looking for the web browser that is both reliable and fast in accessing web pages. What I have found with most web browsers is that they tend to crash often after each new updates and they weren't fixed until the next new updates was released. The reason why those browsers crashes was unknown and I never got to the bottom of this problem. Some browsers does not run Java flash program which is still quite popular even today. Though a lot of the web pages are displayed in Html 5 format these days.

Web Browsers

asked in Medicine Hat by Erin Leonard (143 points)

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1 Answer

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Mozilla Firefox started off good and reliable at the beginning but now their web browser is just so unstable and keeps crashing for unknown causes. Specially after an updates had been done on the browser, it begins to start crashing frequently. I had given up on using them because it either takes too long to load or frequently crashes when I tried to access some websites which contains java or JavaScript.

Internet Explorer is even worse than Mozilla Firefox. Although it comes free with any windows installation, I have never liked using them. The new Microsoft edge for windows 10 is much more bearable though it too frequently crashes and hangs. Microsoft got to do something to improve their browsers if they want people to love using it.

On the other hand, Google Chrome is easily one of the best browsers I have used. It is sleek and light and has all the great features that other browsers has. It rarely crashes or freezes and it is very simple to use.
answered by Isaac Steele (168 points)

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