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How important is it to do a Home Inspection when buying a house in Canada?

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Some real estate agents suggested that we do not need to a house inspection to buy a townhouse because the townhouse has monthly management fees and that's why most of the problem would have been taken care of by the management. Is this a good idea? Besides, the real estate agent mentions that the seller would rather sell it to a buyer with less condition offer which includes no need for house inspection.


asked in Medicine Hat by Erin Leonard (143 points)

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1 Answer

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It is always a good idea to add home inspection condition when making an offer to buy a house. The seller would of course don't want the buyer to do a house inspection because the seller could have something bad about the house that they want to hide from the buyers. Buyers in this case, should take precaution and find out what exactly is the reason for sellers to prefer the "No house inspection" offer from the buyer.

Townhouses management fees only covers the external things of the house. Example of external things are driveways asphalt, garage doors, roof, windows, balcony doors, eavestrough, outer hand railings, backyard fences and other exterior things. But when there is problem with any interior things such as damage to interior structure foundation, interior leaks, improper wall insulation, water pipes burst, toilet leaks, electrical problems, the management fees usually doesn't cover these problems. So it is highly recommended to always do a house inspection before purchasing a house.
answered by Kate Hussain (198 points)

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