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Has anyone tried washing their hair using a soap instead of using shampoo? Will the soap be too harsh on my hair scalp, leading to hair loss?

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Since the age of 15, I have been losing hair steadily. I have tried everything ever imagined and sold online such as minoxidil, hair loss shampoo, hair growing oil, hair and mane paste, African hair growth oil, raw onion juice, raw ginger juice, fresh natural milk and finasteride tablets. I can safely say that none of the above mentioned method worked.

I continued losing hair, in spite of all the promising results guaranteed by the retailers of hair loss products. I even went to the extend of lowering my head below my waist line, in the hope of increasing blood flow to my head. I thought that increased blood flow to my head scalp, can fight hair loss.

Who knew, what all I did to help me grow back my lost hair. Eventually nothing worked. But being stubborn as I am, I still continue to search for the holy grail of fighting my hair loss. I read somewhere, that using a bar soap on my hair scalp, will help me grow back my lost hair.

Some people say using hair loss shampoo makes my condition worse. I was told that shampoos are too mild and not strong enough to remove excess natural  hair oil from my head scalp. A bar soap works better as mentioned by some experts on skin and hair care issues. I like to know what sort of experience did other people felt, when they used bar soap on their hair for cleaning.
asked in Thompson by Zack

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