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How to detox our body every year in Canada and why do we need to detox?

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Some doctors used to recommend detoxing our bodies with natural herbs or teas in order to bring back balance to our body energy. With all the type of unhealthy fast food and restaurant food we Canadians eat each day, I do believe that eating these foods is the main cause of health problems in Canada. Easier said than done, even if people start to be interested in doing their own detox, many aren't sure how to go about detoxing their body. Doctor would recommend the age old method of using some medicinal drugs to induce body to release toxins from the body but a more natural ways of detoxing is highly sought after.


asked in Lloydminster by Josh Sinclair (204 points)

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2 Answers

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A lot of the fast food in Canada is unhealthy and what it does is bring more toxins into our body. When we keep consuming these fast foods, our organs slowly after many years will stop performing at its optimal efficiency and eventually the organs such as kidney, liver, stomach will fail to function properly. That's why a lot of people end up with cancer because of the stress and food that we Canadians eat. If we choose what to eat and what not to eat, a lot of the present day health problems will not be hard to deal with. No amount of medicine can cure or prevent health problems due to eating unhealthy foods.

By detoxing your body, all the toxins and waste in your body will be removed. Sometimes, these toxins and waste had been in your digestive system and are unable to come out due to various reason. The only way to take it out is through detox method. In Canada, we hardly sweat much during the winter months, and even in summer the sweating days are short. Sweating is good for excreting out the toxins through our skins. These toxins are stored in our bodies when we don't sweat much and getting accumulated. Over time it could get accumulated to dangerous level.

One of the detox method is to use natural detox which includes a change of your diet for one week to two week strictly to clear out the toxins and waste in your body. Natural detox consist of eating only fruits and vegetables with very little meat products. Fried and oily foods are totally out of your diet. Yogurt is introduced in your diet and plenty of water should be taken to flush out the toxins and waste in your body.

Another method is to drink detox herbal tea. You can buy them in your local supermarket or online through eBay or amazon. Herbal detox tea is good to drink once or twice a day for a week or two week. All this while you need to avoid oily and fried food too.

Detox Tea Triple Leaf

answered by Isaac Steele (168 points)
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Instead of waiting to do a full body detox yearly, it is always better to do it every month. You shouldn't wait till the toxins level in your body had built up to a condition in which it becomes very difficult to remove them. There is no better way to say it than "Prevention is better than cure".
answered by Ryan Harris (173 points)

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