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I am a first time parent to a 7 month old baby, my wife and I are looking for the cheapest but the most reasonable price range baby monitor in the market. Any suggestions which company brand?

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Like most first time parents do, we found it very necessary to get a baby camera monitor which will be able to pick up baby's faintest cry from the camera in the room, and alert us through a seperate portable screen monitor. Let us face it, we can't be watching our baby even in his sleep 24/7 hours. 

Looking after a newborn is a tough work, for those of you who doesn't quite know about it. It can be more stressful than going out and working. However, in the end it gives us a special feeling of happiness, when we watch our baby grow so fast. We are raising the next generation, and they totally deserve our utmost care we can deliver. 

I have heard stories of parents leaving their babies to sleep in their room on their own, and mum or dad goes to do some housework in the house. Before she/he knows it, they heard a loud thump noise, only to find their baby fallen to the ground from the bed. If the fall was bad enough, the babies could suffer permanent damage to their soft skull and brain which could result in actual death eventually. 

Babies love rolling a lot in their sleep, whenever they start to be able to do that. I find this behaviour dangerous and I try to lay pillow around the baby leaving behind enough space between the baby and the pillows. I make sure that the baby doesn't get suffocated from the pillow, as I read story of how parents were devastated, when their baby died due to suffocation by pillow. This is another reason why a baby monitor will save lives. 

I do not like those baby monitor which doesn't have camera + baby screen monitor 5" inch. I like to be able to see if my baby has rolled near to the edge of the bed or not. Those models that only picks up baby's cry, cannot tell if my baby is still tucked into the bed or have already fallen over the bed to the ground. I do not want those cheapest models. Something more decent in quality but on sale would be our preference of choice. 
asked in Summerside by Darren

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