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I AM with shaw cable how much more to get netflix and lulu added to my monthly bill

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asked in Kelowna by anonymous

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1 Answer

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It cost the same if you signed up through Netflix website or through Netflix app on Shaw Bluecurve TV. Price plan is for  Basic - $9.99, Standard - $14.99 and Premium - $18.99.

1. If you have already signed up with Netflix through their website, you can use those existing Netflix login and password to access the content. Simply open the Netflix app in your Shaw Bluecurve TV setup boxes, type in your login, password and you are good to go. Remember you will remained signed in all the time unless you click on "sign out". 

2. If you choose to sign up for Netflix services through the app in Shaw Bluecurve TV setup boxes, it is possible as well. Just click on the "Sign up" option and follow the on screen instructions to create a new account and to choose your desired monthly plans. 

3. Remember that plan options, pricing and billing are handled directly by Netflix, if you have signed up directly through Netflix website. But If you have signed up through the Netflix app in Shaw Bluecurve TV setup boxes, you will find that Netflix subscription prices amount will be added to your Shaw cable bill. 

4. If for any reason you decide to cancel your Shaw cable TV services and you had earlier signed up for Netflix, through its app in Shaw Bluecurve TV Setup box, then your Netflix subscription will be cancelled as well, along with your Shaw TV cable services. However, the cancellation will occur on the end of the billing cycle for Netflix subscription rather than immediately. 

5. If ever you cancelled your Shaw TV services and you have never signed up through its app in Shaw Bluecurve TV setup box, instead earlier you signed up through Netflix website, then your Netflix subscription will remain active. 
answered by Gomez

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