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In Canada, is it necessary to have our wisdom teeth extracted to prevent future dental problems?

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A lot of the dentist in Canada would recommend having our four wisdom teeth extracted out when they appeared to have grown out of the gum. They say if it is done at a younger age, it would be easier to take out and the wounds would heal faster than if taken out when a person becomes old. Why is that so?

Wisdom Teeth

asked in Lethbridge by Lily Owens (200 points)

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1 Answer

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Although it is recommended by most dentist in Canada, ultimately the decision lies with you. If your wisdom teeth had grown out fully and had not become impacted, then you can let it stay. If your wisdom teeth can't fully come out properly and is causing you pain, then you should get it removed as soon as possible. The reason why it is better to have your wisdom teeth removed at younger age is that it is easier for your gums to heal after teeth extraction. When you get old and your wisdom teeth is removed, you will take a longer period of time to recover and by that time, you could be having diabetes problem which will further complicate matter.

People with diabetes have a tendency to continue bleeding for days after teeth extraction. Besides, by the time you get old, the roots of the wisdom teeth would have already grown deep into your gum socket and removing your wisdom teeth will then be a big challenge for any dentist. At a young age, the wisdom teeth roots are shallow and easier to remove. The wisdom teeth in reality does not serve much purpose because you can't really chew much food with it since it is located deep inside. To brush your wisdom teeth, it can be hard to do so because of its location and they are easily prone to cavity and other dental problems.
answered by Scott Smith (237 points)

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