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How do we control bleeding gums after having wisdom teeth extracted?

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Sometimes after wisdom teeth extraction, the bleeding gums will not stop bleeding even after hours of pressing the gums with gauze in between. It usually happens to people who are diabetic and those who have history of bleeding or inherited bleeding complications from family history. Getting your wisdom teeth extracted out is not a small matter and it is technically considered surgery and like all surgery it has its own complications and problems. What tips and precaution should we follow in order to heal faster and get back to normal?

Bleeding Gums

asked in Lethbridge by Lily Owens (200 points)

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1 Answer

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After teeth extraction, most dentist will tell you to bite onto the gauze between your jaws to keep some pressure on the bleeding gums. This is done to make your wounds heal faster. However, people with diabetes or history of bleeding problems will face difficulties in controlling the bleeding. It may takes several days before the bleeding stops or in some extreme cases, bleeding may even continue for a week.

There are some tips and cautions to take to control bleeding better. The dentist probably won't even know whether this advice tips will work or not.

(1) Prevent hot food and do not eat any hard solid food for at least five days. The hot steamy food will cause the wounds to open up again and bleeding will resume. Eating hard solid food such as pizza or nuts will cause the stiches to come off the gums, and bleeding will occur again. Try to eat liquid foods or at least something soft to eat that doesn't require much chewing.

(2) Look for a tea bag containing "Black Tea" or any other minty flavour tea. These tea bag will be crucial in controlling your bleeding gums. Black tea and other minty tea has caffeine which will help in healing your gums faster. The minty tea flavour will cool down your gums faster and help your gums heal. You can bite down on the tea bag and leave it overnight or you can bite on it for five, six hours at least.

(3) Do not brush your teeth for at least five days, otherwise the stitches will come off and bleeding will start again. Instead use mouth wash liquid that you can get from retail store. Use metal tongue cleaner if you have one because tongue cleaner will remove any bacteria sticking to your tongue which in turn will end up on your effected gums.
answered by Scott Smith (237 points)

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