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In Ontario, how can I download and show my proof of covid-19 vaccination receipt to my employer who are demanding for it, as they deemed it a necessary requirement for being employed?

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Ever since Covid-19 vaccination had been introduced to Ontario, I was very much in support of people taking the vaccine right from the start. I encouraged a lot of people to take the Covid-19 vaccination Pfizer or Moderna shots, even though there hasn't been enough data and time given in the hurried development of these mRNA vaccine. 

I took my vaccine jabs quite early during the worst pandemic times and I never once regretted that decision. Of course, there were side effects and symptoms with each vaccine shots taken. For me, some of the side effects were strong headaches, loss of smell, loss of taste, lethargic sleepy, muscle pains, cramps, cloudy minds, and slow reaction motor skills. 

In spite of all the above side effects and symptoms I had experienced, I still felt it was worth the shots. It is better than getting sick from the Covid-19 variants, which could potentially kill me as a young healthy individual, with no underlying health conditions.

After I realized how vaccination helped decrease the rate of hospitalization for people in countries with high vaccination rate, I became a firm believer of the Covid-19 vaccines such as Pfizer and Moderna. However, I am quite skeptical of AstraZeneca vaccine due to the reason a small percentage of people had actually died of blood clots in their brain, heart or lungs.

We have come to the stage where vaccination proof will become a standard requirement, for certain type of employment in public health care settings. Nurses, doctors, police, transit drivers, truck drivers, cashiers and careers with high interaction of public people are some of the jobs that would require proof of vaccination in the future. 

My employer had asked me for my proof of vaccination as well and I want to provide it to them. But I lost both of the vaccination receipts I got from the vaccination clinic, from where I took my Covid-19 vaccination shots. Is there a way to obtain my proof of Covid-19 vaccination receipts online somehow?
asked in Ottawa by Brenda

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1 Answer

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No matter what people say about being having an Anti-Vaccine ideology, it looks like the new "Normal" would be the requirements of providing proof of vaccination, when going to places around the country and internationally.

Already, in Canada, at some doctors office, and other professional offices, they are asking for proof of Covid19-vaccination, when entering their business environment. Flight travels domestic and international already has requirements for proof of vaccination as well and countries all around the world are adopting this strict policy rapidly.

So it makes sense for us to download a copy of proof of Covid-19 vaccination into our mobile phone or print them out in paper from the computer printer. Both ways you can show your proof of vaccination whenever required.

But downloading your proof of vaccination into your phone is a much easier method, since you do always carry your mobile phone around with you, whereas printed paper proof of vaccination is proned to be lost or destroyed by water and sweat.

Either method you choose, you can follow the few simple steps below to start getting your proof of vaccination online as quickly as 2 minutes, by mobile phone or Computer. (Residents of Ontario only) :-

1. Choose "Download Ontario proof of Covid-19 vaccination."

2. Have your green photo Ontario Health Card (OHIP) ready with you. You will be asked to enter numbers from both sides of your Ontario Health Card (Front and Back side). Even if your Ontario Health card has expired, you can still use it to download your proof of vaccination online.

3. Tap on "I have read and understand the terms of use". Then "Continue".

4. Enter your "Front side" health card information along with the 2 letter version code, example:- 1234567890 - AB.

5. Enter your "Back side" health card 9-character code. Example:- AB1234567.

6. Enter your "Date of Birth".

7. Enter your "Postal code" of your residence. Be careful to enter only the postal code which you have used when last applying or renewing your last Ontario Health Card. If you haved moved to many different address since you last updated your Ontario Health Card Information, you cannot use your most recent postal code, if you have not already updated the same recent postal code when renewing your health card information. 

8. Then "Continue".

9. Look for "Vaccination receipts".

{Note: If you are looking to book your first Covid-19 vaccination, you can follow the same method above. But instead you will choose "Vaccine appointment booking" during this step}.

10. Now you would see 2 receipts available to download. Choose the 2nd receipt because that 2nd receipts will contain information for your full two dose Covid-19 vaccination and the date you took them.

11. Open the "Download" folder from your phone or computer image gallery and you will see a PDF file saved with your name.

12. Open that downloaded filename PDF and you will see all the vaccination details you wanted. This is the image that you can show to places where there are requirements for proof of Vaccination.

answered by Abel

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