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How can I replace my Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard because my "Tap to Pay" feature on my credit card is not working all of a sudden?

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I have been using my Canadiantire Triangle World Elite MasterCard for many years and I love to use the "Tap to Pay" feature. I don't have to punch in my credit card pin number making my purchase safer from prying eyes. It also makes my transaction so much faster without causing delays to the line of people wanting to pay for their products behind me. 

Of course, I know that if someone did find my lost credit card, he/she could use it easily on any purchases they want. There is always the possibility of risk involved with new technology but then I suppose there is the new "Card Lock Hold" feature. 

With this "Card Lock Hold" feature I can quickly lock my credit card online so that no purchases can be made with my lost credit card by other people who might have found them. 

For whatever reason, one day I realized that I couldn't pay using the "Tap to Pay" feature with my Canadiantire World Elite Triangle card anymore. First I thought there must be something wrong with the cashier payment card reader, but I realized that other people were able to pay through the  same card reader. 

Another visit to a different retail stores confirms that my credit card "Tap to Pay" feature is really not working at all. How sad to have to use PIN to make purchases again.

I am looking to self serve and replace my faulty MasterCard without the need to go through customer service. I find that most customer service representative would try to sell us their credit card "Balance Protection insurance plan", which is of no use to me. For one simple reason being that I almost always pay my credit card balance in full and on time. If I feel I can't afford something I never charge my credit card for it. I only buy when I know I can pay it off in one shot without having to pay interest on my purchases.
asked in Penticton by colleen

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1 Answer

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In order to replace your Canadiantire World Elite Triangle MasterCard using online service yourself:-

1. Go to "Canadiantire Triangle MasterCard Login".

2. Tap on "Main menu" bar.

3. Go to "Settings"

4. Choose "Request a replacement card".

5. Your replacement credit card will arrive in about 5 business days.

If you prefer calling customer service number but using the self serve automatic menu options without talking to someone directly :-

1. Call "18004596415"

2. Enter your 16 digit credit card number

3. Enter your pin number you use to make purchases.

4. Then you would hear your credit card balance and payment information.

5. You would remain on the line to enter another set of menus.

6. Listen for the 3rd menu options "Lost, Stolen or Replacement card". This is the exact menu option, where you must press "3" on your phone.

7. You would be asked to confirm if you want to go ahead and replace your current credit card. 

8. Once that is done and you hanged up your phone, you will also receive an email notification regarding a request for replacement card.

9. Your replacement credit card will arrive in about 5 business days or so.

10. When you have received your new replacement Canadiantire World Elite Triangle Credit Card, your credit card number and expiry may or may not have changed. 

11. If your credit card number and expiry date have changed with your new card, and if you have pre-authorization payment scheduled for any other payments such as phone bills, Internet bills, car insurance, house insurance, then you may have to update this new card information with those pre-authorized bills.

12. Then to activate your new credit card, go to "Triangle.com/activate".

13. For online card activation, choose either "Activate without logging in" or "Sign in to Activate". 

14. If you choose "Activate without logging in", you will be asked to further enter your "Card Number" and also your "3 Digit security code". 

15. If you choose "Sign in to Activate", you will need to login with your username and password, then you can activate your card by looking for the "Activate Card" button, somewhere in the menu options.

Remember to destroy your old credit card since you don't want to lose it and get picked up by someone who could hack your identity and credit card information. The best method to destroy your credit card is to use a simple scissors to cut it to many small pieces and throw them separately in different garbage bins around your house. 

answered by Nora

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