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Where can i get driving test questions and answers for free in Toronto, Ontario?

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The Ontario Driving test book is quite expensive for me to buy as I have other expenses and bills to pay for, I am looking for free driving test book. I am thinking of getting my drivers license in Toronto, Ontario and I need to do the theory test as I was informed.

Ontario Drivers Test Book

asked in City of Toronto by Cheryl King (169 points)

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2 Answers

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You can practise answering the driving test sample questions and at the end, they will show you the correct answer, each time you answer correct or wrong. Here are the list of some websites that are displaying some samples driving test questions for Ontario Drivers doing their G1 written driving test:

(1) http://find-a-driving-school.ca/free-g1-practice-tests/g1-practice-test-road-signs/

(2) http://www.g1.ca/

answered by Sarah Robbins (162 points)
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Watch video on "Ontario G1 written practise test questions with answers":

answered by Driving practise test questions

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