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How do i add music from my computer to my iphone using itunes?

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Having used android phone for many years, I decided to switch to iPhone for a change and immediately I found it so hard to get used to using iPhone. With android it was simply a drag and drop thing to add music to my android phone. But with iPhone I tried syncing the music from computer to my iPhone but somehow it wasn't going through.

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asked in Barrie by Wan Li (182 points)

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1 Answer

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When it comes to transferring files from your cell phone to your computer or vice versa, android fares batter. IPhone has a more complicated method to transfer files for beginners and there are certain restrictions too.

However if you know how to do so, iPhone does offer ways to transfer files from IPhone to Computer and Vice versa:

1. Open iTunes on your computer. Make sure to update your iTunes regularly because sometimes older version of iTunes does not work properly.

2. Click on "File", "Add file to library" for single file transfer or "Add folder to library" for multiple files transfer.

3. Then after adding the files to your itune library, you can simply click in the "Sync" button at the bottom to start the transfer of files.

How iTunes works is like this:

You first add files to the iTunes library, then you start the syncing process which will add those files to your iPhone. Beware though that by syncing whatever is in your iPhone currently at the time, will be erased, and whatever is in your iTunes library will added to your iPhone. For example, you wanna transfer music from your computer to your iPhone. After adding the music songs you wanted to your iTunes library, you press the sync button. Then the computer will ask if you want to erase all the music files currently stored in your iPhone and have it replaced by the iTunes library music files which you just added.
answered by Carol Liu (165 points)

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