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How do i replace an old peeled off and worn out license plate in Ontario? Can i order a personalized license plate instead of the regular letters and numbers license plate?

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I have an old van which i purchased 19 years ago and still running good like an old horse. Now, the problem i am having with this van is not the engine or any of its mechanical parts, but with the metal license plate. I have the old license plate which has white background and blue letters and numbers on it. 

My Van license plate (Blue Letters and numbers) has faded to the point where it is almost as white as the background. I just read in the news that people could be fined $110 for having such faded license plate if the police catches you. It is because the police needs to scan car license plates using a vehicle scanner while on the go, to look for potential suspects, outstanding warrants people, traffic violation offenders.

It becomes difficult and almost impossible for the police to scan a faded license plate, unless they get very close to that vehicle license plate, which could potentially cause an accident by the police, rear ending the civilian car's rear bumper. 

Does anyone know if there are any fees to replace an old worn out faded vehicle license plate? Where should i go to do a replacement for my van license plate in Ontario?

Since i would be replacing my old faded license plate, i thought that i might as well get a new personalized license plate like a cool name without the numbers. (Loveya, Gotcha, Gmorning...etc)

How much will it cost to get such personalized license plate and how can i go about applying for a new personalized license plate too?

Also I like to know what will happen to my old Van license plate? Should I be throwing it out into the garbage, after I get my new personalized license plate number?
asked in Sudbury by Ernest

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