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Is it worth paying money to go up into the top of Toronto's CN tower?

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I know it is quite expensive to pay for the entry fees for Toronto's CN tower, eat dinner in the restaurant up there, or maybe try out the Edge walk where we can walk around the edge of the towers in circles but with rope harness attached. Is it worth spending money on these experience if I haven't try it out before?
asked in City of Toronto by Orlando Berg (156 points)

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1 Answer

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If you have never been up there at the top of CN tower, you need to definitely try it out. But you need not go second time again because going there once is enough. There is not much to go back for anyways. Besides, if you are bringing guest for the first time it will be fun for them too, but you could end up with pricey bills.  smiley

answered by Nancy Yueng (203 points)

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