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What vitamins should i take to stop hair loss and possibly regrow back my lost hair?

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Although i have been trying many products on the market without any remarkable success, i am too stubborn to believe that there are no ways to reduce or stop hair loss once it sets in. I tried Rogaine minoxidil topical solution with mixed results but those hair that grew were simply very fine tiny hairs and they died off after i stopped using the topical solution. Some people say that finasteride would work and i tried it and endured the side effects of low libido throughout the period. The results weren't too promising and i eventually wanted to try something else. I believe that the key to regrowing lost hair could be hidden in the vitamins that we take into our body. That is why in my question i only mentioned which vitamins should i be taking to stop my hair loss and regrow some of the lost hair.
asked in Moose Jaw by Scott Smith (237 points)

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1 Answer

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Vitamin C is one of the most important vitamins in helping you fight hair loss. Regular intake of vitamin C whether through Supplement or drinking juices containing vitamin C can help you grow back thicker hair. Scientist have done research on the power of vitamin C and they were surprised to find that it actually succeeded in reactivating some dead hair follicles though not all.

I have realized that taking vitamin C tablet does have some side effects to some people. At least i did take the vitamin C tablet, i started to feel very sleepy and tired. I don't know if the problem lies with the brand of the supplement i was taking or it was the vitamin C tablet that was giving me those side effects. However, i went on to look for other possible ways of consuming vitamin C without the side effects and i came upon the idea of drinking juices containing vitamin C. I started off drinking Oranges juices on a daily basis. Initially i liked the results on my hair due to the high amount of vitamin C contained in the orange juice, but later i found that orange juices had high acid content which was upsetting my stomach at times. So, i switched to drinking mango juice regularly and found that mango juice didn't have any of those sleepiness or tiredness side effects. It also made my hair strong and shiny, and those areas where my bald spot used to be, had surprisingly small strong hairs coming out of the scalp. This proves that vitamin C does in fact resurrects the dead hair follicles to some extent.
answered by Feng Kang (209 points)

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