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How does a solar powered motion sensor door light helps to save electricity in Canada?

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I have been thinking of installing a solar powered motion sensor door light in order to save electricity and protect the environment. I do have the electrical motion sensor light installed and i feel that it takes quite a lot of electricity to use that light. Every time when someone else passes by or when the winds are strong, my electrical motion sensor lights comes on and electricity is wasted. Does anyone have experience as to what is the life expectancy of the solar powered motion sensor door lights? i mean currently i have the electrical powered motion lights and it had lasted for many years without the need to be replaced so far.
asked in City of Halifax by George Toby (156 points)

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2 Answers

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Solar powered motion sensor door light is just as long lasting as the electrical powered ones. You could be saving a lot on electricity if you switch to solar powered door light. Solar powered door light uses approximately four or five AA rechargeable batteries which is charged daily when sunlight hits the solar panel connected to the solar powered motion sensor door light. Even in the coldest of winter, the solar powered door light works perfectly fine as long as you aim the sensor properly at your driveway and decrease the sensitivity settings, so that the door light does not come on, with every little movement of leaves or wind. The AA rechargeable batteries may need to be replaced in two or three years time but considering the amount of electricity you saved, it is worth getting new AA rechargeable batteries for replacement.

Check out this solar powered motion sensor door light below:

100 LED Solar Powered PIR Motion Sensor Security Flood Light Lamp Outdoor Garden

motion Sensor Door Light

answered by Roxanne Ng (160 points)
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Watch video on "How solar lights works and learn the breakdown of the various components involved in making it work perfectly":

answered by Victor

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