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Is it okay to leave smart phone charging on the power outlet and fall asleep?

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Sometimes i put my smart phone for charging on the power outlet and then i fall asleep without turning off the power outlet bar. Will the smartphone blast and explode if it continues to charge throughout the night? I mean it was not intentional for me to leave the smart phone charging but sometimes due to the absence of mind. However, i did notice that my smart phone battery started using up juice much faster these days than it used to, when i first bought my smart phone.
asked in Grande Prairie by Leo Sheppard (184 points)

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3 Answers

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It is generally not a good practise to leave your smart phone charging for the whole night while you sleep because your phone battery's life will easily be shortened if you do that often. Also your charger's cable will go bad faster than normal due to extensive charging involved. Besides, sometimes there have been cases where a spark started an small explosion injuring the person sleeping close by. Always charge the phone when you know you will be able to watch out for any danger caused by over charging the phone.
answered by Steve Martin (184 points)
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Never leave your smart phone charging and plugged it while you are asleep, especially not under your sleeping pillow. There have been many cases where the phone battery got heated up during charging and burned the head of the victim person while they sleep. There is a high chance of the phone battery exploding and causing injury to you. I know people might say but it produces very small current and harmless voltage, not high enough to cause any burns. Look at the news and it will be prove enough to convince anyone about the dangers of such practice of leaving phones on charge while you fall asleep. If you need to charge your phone very urgently and also you are very sleepy, it is a good idea to ask someone else to keep a watch on your battery charged level and tell them to unplug it for you when charging is done.
answered by Orlando Berg (156 points)
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Watch video on "Should you leave your phone charging overnight everyday?" :

answered by Batterysafety

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