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I have Fido Home Cable Internet subscription and i would like to know how to change my Fido Home Wifi modem?

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What i liked about when i switched over to Fido Home Cable Internet was that Fido did not charge me any activation fees probably i was a new customer to them. They also allowed me to take home a brand new Fido WiFi Internet cable modem from their retail store outlet. They simply send someone to our house area, and turned on some switches outside our house Neighbourhood and i was getting internet thereafter.

Setting up the Fido WiFi home Internet modem was quite simple and straightforward. I entered the name of the WIFI network i wanted it to be and then i added a password to connect to the WIFI network. So anyone who uses the WIFI network at home will have to type in the Network SSID name and then type in the passwords. After that, my internet was working alright.

However, i decided i needed to do some advanced configuration of the FIDO WIFI home internet modem and i wasn't able to properly login to the WiFi modem settings. I needed to change some properties such as the Channel number that the modem uses and i also wanted to use only 5G WiFi network instead of using both WIFI dual bands 2G and 5G.
asked in City of Toronto by Carol Liu (165 points)

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2 Answers

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In order to change your Fido Home WiFi Modem settings, you will need to type the following into your web browser:

The page will then ask you to enter your username which you can enter "cusadmin". For password, enter the password you setup when you connected to the network the first time. It is the same password for connecting to your home WiFi network.

answered by Steve Martin (184 points)
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Watch video on "A brief introduction to Fido Wifi Home Internet and how you can quickly setup your Fido Wifi Home Internet in few easy steps, and get you connected as simple as one, two, three.":

answered by Connie

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