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How do i change the Front and Rear wiper for my Dodge Caravan 2004?

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I found out that my front and rear wiper for my dodge caravan needs to be changed. I do not want to take it to my dealer or other private mechanics because they charge good money for doing the service. I believe that I can do it myself without paying money to them.
asked in Saskatoon by Roxanne Ng (160 points)

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1 Answer

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Changing the front and rear windshield wiper is very easy and you do not need to bring it to your mechanic to do that. The mechanic will charge you for the cost price of the wipers and then charge another $20 or $30 labour charge. Instead you could do it all by yourself and save on those labour charge fees.

All you have to do is to simply pull your wiper out of the hooks it is attached to. Usually it involves pressing on some lever in the centre and then the wiper pops out easily. Then you can slide in your new windshield wiper until it clicks and locks into place.
answered by Lei Chung (180 points)

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