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What soap should i use to reduce rashes, itchiness, hives and eczema on my skin?

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I have urticaria problem associated with rashes, itchiness, hives and eczema on my skin. I am taking reactine tablets each day but even then this reactine tablet could hardly control the severity of the problem. After many years of taking reactine orally, the effect and strength of reactine in my body has reduced greatly and i no longer feel i could do fine with the current dosage i am taking. However, i do not want to increase my reactine tablet dosage because i do not want to be dependent on reactine for the rest of my lives.

One of my friends suggested changing the bathroom soap that i use which makes sense to me. I currently am using oatmeal body wash everyday which does moisturizes my skin but also causes rashes making my skin red and hot. Sometimes, the oatmeal body wash works alright but sometimes it doesn't. I am looking into changing the kind of bathroom soap i use. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated.

Oatmeal Body Wash

asked in Markham / York Region by Chan Yin (168 points)

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2 Answers

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One of the soap that i found to be very useful and helpful in controlling the urge to scratch and helping heal rashes, Eczema and hives is the Neem soap made by "Margo" company from India. Actually any soap that contains pure neem oil extract will do the work. After having used the Neem soap for almost a month now, i barely feel itchy on my skin but i still do continue taking Reactine to control the severity of the allergy problem. Before using this Neem soap even though i used to take reactine tablet, i would still be scratching myself throughout my body. Now after using this Neem soap, i could feel my skin much stronger and less sensitive to touch or pressure.


There are several places where it can be bought at Walmart.ca, eBay.ca, Amazon.ca
answered by Rose Burns (183 points)
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Watch video on "How you can make your own neem soap at home, to treat Rashes, Hives, Itchy Skin, Eczema and other skin problems, using materials easily available at Grocery Stores":

answered by Catherine

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