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Is it safe for Canadians to drink too much of canned food and drinks?

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I have noticed that a lot of Canadians have been eating canned food and drinking canned drinks and I figured that must be the reason why a lot of people get cancer and dies due to their poor choice of diets. Although it hasn't been proven by researchers that canned food and drinks causes harm to human bodies but deep within I feel that research on this matter needs to be done by the government of Canada, for the good of the people's sake.
asked in Saint John by Henry Cooley (148 points)

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1 Answer

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Canned food and drinks are not a good choice of food if you want to eat healthy. The main reason being that lot of preservatives have been included in the canned food and drinks. These preservatives if consumed often can lead to cancer and other health problems. Instead you need to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.
answered by Jacob Lush (140 points)

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