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Is it better to turn into vegeterian if i want to lose weight faster?

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I am aiming to lose lots of weight because I believe that when I get older I would start having all sorts of health problems. I have tried exercises but after doing a tough workout, I end up being very hungry and starts eating more food. I have realised that exercise is only a part of the weight loss solution and the other part is eating the right thing. Is it because of eating meat that I am gaining weight or is it too much sugar in my diet?
asked in Charlottetown by John Wakeman (162 points)

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1 Answer

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Yes, you should eat less of meat if you want to lose weight faster. But do not completely eliminate meat in your diet, instead you need to slowly reduce the amount of meat in your diet. If you stop eating meat completely your body would lack the required nutrients and vitamins. You must also eat more of the green vegetables and fruits. You should eat six meals a day consisting of small portion of food instead of eating three big meals a day.
answered by Jacob Lush (140 points)

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