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Is it safe to remove mole from the back of my neck using the Apple Cider Vinegar Method?

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I have a decent size of mole on the back of my neck and i am wondering if it is safe to use Apple Cider Vinegar to remove the mole. I read online that people had used Apple Cider Vinegar to remove moles on their body but what i am worried about is the side effects or adverse effects on the skin after using it. Will it be safer or better to use banana peels to remove mole from back of my neck?Mole on Back of Neck

asked in City of Toronto by Kate Hussain (198 points)

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3 Answers

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It is never safe or recommended to do any sort of mole removing by yourself, better to leave the job to the cosmetic surgery professionals. The reason why i say that is there have been various known cases where someone used apple cider vinegar to apply on their face or neck to remove mole. At first it worked and looked like the home remedy was perfect, and the mole disappeared leaving behind skin flakes which can be simply rubbed off the skin. But after a while the same spot where the mole was, turned into another dark black or blue-ish or pink spots which never goes away. Eventually the person had to visit the cosmetic surgery professionals to have the new dark spots removed. Apple Cider Vinegar is simply a form of acetic acid that actually burns your skin to remove whatever skin is in contact with. So, be careful and always get professional advice before applying apple cider vinegar on your face especially.
answered by John Wakeman (162 points)
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Watch video on "Does the home Mole removal cream really works? Find out for yourself here":

answered by Nick
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It didn’t work for me, but i have the exact same mole in almost the exact same spot and I am going to be doing further research on how you can cut it off at home.
answered by Bear Hay

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