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Is it legal for Citizens of Canada to carry firearms?

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Since Canada is very much similar to United States Of America when it comes to laws and regulations, I was wondering if it is legal for people in Canada to carry firearms as in USA they are allowed to. I haven't seen any store in my locality selling guns which is a good thing but I believe that other places and cities in Canada could probably have stores selling it. Country which has banned firearms usually have low crime rates.
asked in Charlottetown by John Wakeman (162 points)

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1 Answer

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Yes firearms is legal in Canada. But preferably only people who works in field such as Border guards, Armed security guards, Police peace officer may carry firearms because their job requires them to do so. If your job does not require you to carry firearms, then you may not be able to acquire gun license. This is a good thing because we don't want Canada to turn into USA where there is so much of gun violence that the Government cannot do anything about it at all.
answered by Jacob Lush (140 points)

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