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Why is it that the Canadian movie industry is underdeveloped as compared to Hollywood?

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Although Canada produces lots of famous movie star but they mostly end up in United States Of America because over there, they are offered more money and popularity. Can Canada not create such movie industry that will rival the USA's Hollywood? If the Indians in India can create their own movie industry such as Bollywood, why can't Canadians do something similar?
asked in Charlottetown by John Wakeman (162 points)

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1 Answer

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Canada needs more funding and involvement from the Government to establish an industry that would then take its course. A lot of the private companies are trying to do just that but either they are not big enough to do it or they lack the required funding to do it. Also there should be more motivation and encouragement for the young generation of people to make this movie industry alive in Canada. It is not that nothing good is happening in the Canadian Movie industry, it is just that there aren't as fast and as big as the American counterparts. Some piece of the puzzles is missing and it is in the hands of the government to infuse some life into this industry.
answered by Pedro Melo (154 points)

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