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Which company automatic Garage door opener is the best to install for my Garage door?

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I am looking for an automatic garage door opener since my current garage door does not have an automatic opener and each time i have to manually push open the garage door myself. I find it especially difficult to have to open the manual steel latch from inside of the garage, in order to open the garage door. Having to put our garbage out on collection is not fun when i had to unlock the garage latch and then push open the heavy garage door, even then i had to make sure that the garage door does not fall back down on me while i was passing through the open garage door. When family members or relatives wants to put something into my garage, i had to first go inside the garage through the main house door and then unlock and push open the garage door. This was getting on my nerve and it gets frustrating especially on Winter time.

What sort of things do i need to look out for when buying an automatic garage door opener? Should i attempt to install the automatic garage door opener myself or should i hire a professional to do the job?
asked in City of Toronto by Adam Hunt (153 points)

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2 Answers

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I personally like the company Chamberlain automatic garage door opener because their product lasts for a very long time and rarely needs regular repairs. I bought the latest model where i could control the opening and closing of my garage door with my smart phone even when i am away from home. This would need your smart phone internet data options turned on for it to work though. The Chamberlain garage door opener also sends me an alert in a email when someone opens or close my garage door. Get the ones which provides you with a keypad you can install outside your garage door, so that you can simply type in your secret code number on the keypad and the door will open automatically.

Chamberlain latest garage door opener also has battery backup in case of power outage and it is last good for two days if you don't use your garage door opener often during power outage. One piece of advice is to choose the belt drive over the chain drive because belt drive garage door opener tend to be much quieter during opening of the door and belt drive last just as long as the chain drive garage opener. So i wonder sometimes why do chamberlain even decide to make chain drive garage door opener when the belt drive garage door opener is much better in a lot of aspects.

One last thing to remember is that it is better to hire a professional installer to install your garage because if it is your first time doing this project, it can be overwhelming difficult. One small miss calculation would have you doing it all over again or worse case scenario you could break some parts while installing. Even for a professional, it takes quite long to install the garage door opener provided all goes well. Roughly takes about an hour for professional who have good experience in installing garage doors opener. Price vary from $120 to $200 for installation. Home improvement stores such as Lowes, Home Depot and Rona all have installation services options when you buy automatic garage door opener from them but i personally like Home Depot installation services because it is much cheaper and their service is so fast. I bought my garage door opener from Home Depot and they sent a  professional garage door installer to my house withing 2 working days and installed it within 1 hour.

answered by Charles Young (177 points)
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answered by Best Garage Opener

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