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How to get free baby formula for newborn baby in Toronto, Ontario?

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Someone told me before that it is possible to get free baby formula, i am talking about the actual complete bottles and not just stick sizes baby formula. It is not that i can't afford to buy baby formula for my infants but i wanted to know which one company makes better baby formula for newborns. i do not want to spend money on certain baby formulas and then find out that it is not good. These days baby formulas comes in large big tin cans in powder type and there aren't small ones around. Even the liquid types comes in pack of six.
asked in City of Toronto by Kate Hussain (198 points)

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2 Answers

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The easiest way to get a free sample of Baby formula is to sign up at Enfamil website: https://www.enfamil.ca/user/enrollment

I chose the earth friendly option as mentioned on their website during signup, and this option provides actual big sample coupons through email and mail. I received my coupons in a few weeks and i went over to loblaws supermarket and redeemed the coupons for free Enfamil baby formula full size products. Some of the coupons requires you to make a purchase with heavy discounts on Enfamil products. Two weeks before the due date of your baby, they will send you another packages on the mail containing some more samples or coupons for you to redeem at the stores.

answered by Jake Lee (202 points)
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Watch video on "What does the free baby formula milk samples packages from Enfamil contains?":

answered by Baby Formula Milk

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