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Is it necessary for pregnant woman to start taking oral multivitamins for baby's health in her womb?

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I have heard a lot of other women being told by their physicians or midwives that taking multivitamins during pregnancy gives the baby a much better chance of being born healthy. What scientific proof or evidence supports this believe? How about the women in olden days when they didn't have any such multivitamins pills or tablets that they can simply pop into their mouth. If taking multivitamins was the reason that a baby will be born healthy, then would that mean a lot of babies would be born unhealthy when they are born into a third world country, where taking multivitamins pills was never in the minds of those pregnant ladies.
asked in Brandon by Sarah Robbins (162 points)

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2 Answers

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Some women takes the multivitamins pills because they couldn't eat properly during pregnancy. Women feel nauseous when they see food or smell food and they might eat just a little bit of what they usually eat, before when they weren't pregnant. In such circumstances, it makes sense to start taking multivitamins pills. Whereas if women does not have the nauseous feeling, they should rather eat those green vegetables and those meat proteins from where their body can absorb all those required vitamins. The health of the baby is depended on what the mother consumes during the period of pregnancy. if the mother abuses her body by taking drugs or drinking alcohol or starving herself, then the chances of baby being born unhealthy is higher. A lot of the diseases and health problems with the baby could be avoided if only the mother had taken proper food and proper care of her own health during pregnancy.

Pregnancy Multivitamins

answered by Abdul Fahari (146 points)
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Watch video on "Learn about the type of Vitamins you should be taking when you are pregnant and what benefits they can bring for you and your baby in your womb":

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