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Is it safe to book flights ticket online from flights website rather than booking through a travel agent?

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Usually i book my flight tickets through a travel agent, every time i want to travel outside of Canada. I just wanted to explore the possibility of booking my flights myself using some online booking website, I would like to know how safe is it to book online. I read some reviews and comments on some websites wherein the person booked a particular flights only to find out at the time of check in that his tickets was not valid. There was another review i read wherein the person had typed in a mistake in his name and he wanted to change it to the proper name but unfortunately it resulted in him having to pay extra for changing the name on his tickets.
asked in Flin Flon by Brian Malone (155 points)

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2 Answers

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It is quite possible that booking a fight online at some websites could land you in trouble which could make you run around trying to solve the problem. Some of the online websites have very poor customer service and they are very inefficient in dealing with flight tickets problems. Those websites usually exist as a price comparison website but they don't actually issue you the tickets. They help you compare prices from different websites and then when you click on them, it takes you to those websites prices shown. Other websites which does issue tickets though, can still give you problems because they serve as any other travel agents. They are depended on the flight airlines booking system and at times the amount of people calling them or booking at the same time, can cause the online travel agent to make costly mistakes. The same goes for the retail travel agents as they could make mistakes too, but at least you can always go back to their physical stores if they are not answering your calls. At worst case scenario, you can get the police involved if you believe that the travel agency is cheating you. If you booked online websites and thing doesn't work out for you, it would be kinda tough to involve the police and sort out your problems. 

Travel Agency

answered by Abdul Fahari (146 points)
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Watch video on "The airline scams you should avoid when looking for flight tickets online, nothing is free in life":

answered by Airline Scam Watch

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