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What is the secret to running fast or sprinting in a 100 metre or 200 metre race?

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Even though i do a lot of long distance running including Marathon race, i was never a good sprinter for the 100 metre or 200 metre race. Speed is just not my thing but stamina is in built into me since i love running long distance. After many years of running at local sports events, i have finally reduced my long distance running to occasional private jogging in the park as my age is catching up to me now. My son on the other hand loves only sprinting or running for a short distance. He can barely keep up with me even at my age. Although my son loves sprinting and running fast, the problem with him is that he is not running fast enough. In fact i wouldn't call it a sprint at all because i could even beat him at sprinting, and i know i ain't good in sprinting. Any secret or help in improving my son's sprinting speed would be much appreciated.


asked in Bathurst by Tom Hodo (165 points)

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2 Answers

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It is very common for marathon runners to not be able to sprint as fast as a sprinter. The reason is the personal habit or physical limitation of the person running. If a person is in a habit of running slow long distance everyday he or she will find it very hard to sprint. However, there is one thing that a person can do to learn sprinting fast. This will need regular training and practice before you can master the proper technique of running fast. The secret to running fast is to simply swing both your hands back and forth as fast as you can while you are running, and both your feet will follow soon matching the speed of your hand movement. If you swing your hands slowly and try to run fast, you won't find yourself sprinting at all. This is because your feet will follow the speed of your hands speed. All this needs regular training and the start of the race is important too. If you started your race in a proper timely way, you would have gained an edge over your competitor by a few milliseconds and those small seconds are important for you to win the race.
answered by Feng Kang (209 points)
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Watch video on "How to sprint and run faster in a 100 metre Race track using some very simple and easy to understand techniques":

answered by Sprinting Techniques

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