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How to find an online date with a good woman?

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A lot of people suggest going online to look for a partner for my life and they say it is easy if you know how to look for the right one. Personally i feel it can be quite hard to know the person just by browsing through those women profiles. A lot of the women don't even put up their actual photos of themselves and instead put in some pictures of a model to entice a suitable guy. I do not feel like wasting much of my time browsing through fake profile accounts. I remember a time when one of my co workers told me a story about himself when he first met a girl online, he thought was beautiful. He contacted her and they both chatted alright for sometime until they both decided to meet one day at her house. It turned out that the girl wasn't in any way as shown in her online profile pics. She was in fact much bigger in size and not quite according to the taste of the guy. As a courtesy he stayed behind for half an hour since he traveled quite long distance to reach her place. After that he made up some excuse and made an escape. The girl begged him to stay and spend some good time with her without any success.

Online Dating

asked in Moncton by Elbert Pickle (147 points)

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2 Answers

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Online dating thing is like a chance meeting encounter. If you are lucky you will find your soul mate otherwise it could become a nightmare if it turned out bad for you. Some of my distant relatives have had good luck with online dating. My far cousin brother had a love marriage at first when he and his first wife met in university but sadly that marriage didn't last long and soon they both went their separate ways and divorced. Then he went online searching for another woman at Match.com and he found the right one though online dating. Now they both have a beautiful son and they both seem very happy with each other.

Even those foreign dating website such as Asian and Russian woman dating site could possibly find you a good partner in life. You just have to sift through all those woman who simply wants your permanent residence and the right ones who simply want a good husband. You can tell by the way they talk and their intentions. If those woman ask you for money and gifts in order to talk to them then there is the red flag. If they ask about how they can immigrate to Canada after marriage, there is another red flag because this question will come later after things are completely serious with you and not at the time of dating. Look into their family background and what sort of daily activities they follow everyday.

One guy from USA was dating some Thailand girls online and finally he decided to go to Thailand to get married. Everything seemed perfect until after the girl immigrated to United States of America and she began her old profession which was prostitution. That guy didn't even know that she actually had HIV infection at the time they both got married. So be very careful with your investigation into the girl's background. Another case of a Russian girl who got married to a Canadian Guy wherein the girl often took an excuse to go back for vacation to Russia after she immigrated to Canada. It turned out that She would often go back to Russia to have fun with her old lover for months at ends and all this as happening without the husband's knowledge until one of her cousin spilled the bean and told him everything she was doing while on vacation in Russia.
answered by Connie Anderson (170 points)
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Watch video on "Some of the things that you could or should not say to woman when dating online":

answered by Date woman online

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