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What is the best technique for driving in the winter snow here in Canada?

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Winter in Canada especially in Iqaluit can be a dangerous time to be driving a vehicle. There is just so much of snow and even after the snow truck had cleared the snow, the roads are still very slippery and leads to a lot of accident. Having winter tires installed on the car helps in some ways but I think that driving techniques matters too. After all what is the use of the best winter tires when the driver drives the car like crazy.
asked in Iqaluit by Tom Hodo (165 points)

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1 Answer

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(1) During heavy snow falls, you must always remember to gear down to gear 3 or lower. The reason why you have to do this is that when you gear down, the engine will be helping you to reduce your speed while you drive. In this case, you won't have to apply sudden hard brake which could send you flying through other cars hitting them.

(2) Never apply hard brakes, instead apply light brakes while keeping a big distance between the car in front and your car. The reason being that the distance will give you enough time to react and stop safely.

(3) Always be aware of your surrounding on the left and right by moving your head frequently scanning for danger.

(4) Check your blind spots before changing lanes.

(5) Reduce your speed by at least 20km/hr below the posted speed limit.

(6) If you see other vehicles trying to cut you off in front, allow them do so and instead you can apply light brake and be safe. After all, they would be the ones to end up with accidents if they continue driving like crazy.

(7) When starting to move from stationary position, use light acceleration instead of full acceleration. If you use full acceleration, your car would wobble left and right in the snow and it might hit other cars besides your car.
answered by Chloe Liang (173 points)

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