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Is it completely safe to undergo Lasik eye surgery to correct our vision for seeing far distant objects?

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Even though a lot of people had undergone Lasik eye surgery to correct their vision for seeing far distant, i am still quite hesitant to undergo the treatment. I used to wonder that if Lasik eye surgery is such a sure shot, then why is it that a lot of famous celebrities and politicians are still wearing glasses and contact lenses. There must be some kind of side effects which could be permanent in nature after Lasik eye surgery, and this must be the reason why a lot of people are still not confident about letting their eyes take the risk of a Lasik eye surgery. It can be quite tempting to try out the Lasik eye surgery because of the discomfort and inconvenience in wearing glasses and contacts lenses. Especially when it comes to wearing contact lenses, it is bothersome to wearing it every morning and take it off at the end of the day. If we happen to be in a hurry to go to work, we quickly put on our contact lenses in a improper way that could hurt our eyes and cause itchiness and redness. 

Lasik eye surgery

asked in Miramichi by Josh Sinclair (204 points)

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2 Answers

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No surgery is without risk and the only way to justify the surgery is if it is absolutely necessary to undergo the surgery. In the same way, Lasik eye surgery also comes with permanent risk in case of any error or problem in correcting your eye cornea. How Lasik work is that the laser eye surgeon will cut across the cornea of your eye and raises a flap of tissues to access the underlying part of your eye lenses. Then a kind of laser is used to reshape your eye cornea to the point, the light coming into your eyes retina is focused on exactly the center of the Retina, where vision is the clearest. It is known that people with thin cornea thickness are usually not a good candidate for undergoing laser eye surgery.

Although many Lasik Eye surgery had been performed throughout the world, in quite several cases, the people had to come back for reshaping their cornea with laser. Too much of reshaping and correction with laser will reduce the thickness of your cornea permanently and in some cases lead to permanent blurry vision. I have seen people resort to wearing glasses even after several years of having done the Lasik eye surgery. Technology had advanced to a great extent but it is still not completely safe to undergo Lasik Eye Surgery. That is the reason why most of the world leaders and presidents of countries still prefer wearing the old fashion glasses because their eyes are much too precious to be risked undergoing Lasik Eye Surgery.

Some people get good results with Lasik Eye Surgery and they didn't need to wear glasses anymore. But how long will their perfect vision last? It is still unclear and of course the Eye Surgeon Clinics will not tell you the truth that in the course of many years ahead, you will have to keep coming back to them for reshaping using the Lasik Procedure. Then one day will come when your eye cornea thickness will be so thin that nothing can be done about if you start to see blurry visions later on in life. Sure, the Lasik procedure is painless and the recovery is pretty fast in a matter of weeks. No bandages or stiches are used in the procedure and vision is almost restored in a few days. But people haven't looked at the side effects after going through the Lasik Eye Surgery.

Some people reported seeing Halos around images, difficulty driving at night time when the headlights of on coming cars looks like a big ball of fire. Especially in the morning or afternoon, any amount of light seems like a huge glare and it hurts the eyes at times. Your eyes will become very sensitive to light and i have seen people wearing sun glasses at night on the aftermath of Lasik Eye Surgery. Dry eyes is common in most people for a few weeks after Lasik Eye Surgery and usually the Laser Eye Surgeon will prescribe you some eye tonic solution to reduce the dryness in your eyes. Some people have lamented that they could not open their eyes in the morning because their eye lids are so stuck into their eye balls due to extreme dryness. There will also be an occasional fluctuation in your vision, with your vision sometimes becoming very clear and at times you can only see with blurry vision.

So the final verdict is that Lasik Eye Surgery works for some people while most of us has to go through permanent damage to our eyes after Lasik Eye Surgery. The decision of undergoing through a Lasik Eye Surgery lies with you and your urgency to restore your eyes vision. If you can live with wearing Glasses, then it is better this way. But if you feel that it bothers you that you need to wear glasses everyday, then going through Lasik Eye Surgery is a good idea. You must be willing to accept the risk that lies with Lasik Eye Surgery and whatever will happen permanently to your eyes.
answered by Daniel Harmon (144 points)
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Watch video on "What LASIK Surgery can do to your eyes, the benefits and the risks":

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