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What is the easiest and fastest way to learn Spanish and other language in one year?

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I am a big fan of language but i do no have the gift of gab like other talented person. Some people have the ability to learn a new languages fairly quick but i am not one of them. I take quite some time to learn the basics of a new language and even then i quickly forget them, when i haven't practice them for a while. I have an Aunt who was quite talented with learning languages. She learned Cantonese just by chatting with her cousin and even after many years living away from Canada, when she came back to Canada, she could still speak Cantonese quite fluently. I would like to know what tips and guides should i follow to improve my language learning skills? I am particularly interested in learning Spanish because for some reason i find Spanish to be quite a sweet and attractive language. I feel like speaking Spanish to some people living in Canada as there are quite a lot of Spanish speaking people immigrated from South America to Canada.

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asked in Moncton by Park Mai (165 points)

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2 Answers

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Learning Spanish is not so tough and is just the same as learning any other language. Imagine a baby born and he can't speak or understand any language. As a parent you talk to your children in one language and the baby picks up the language as he grows in several years. The baby listens to you speak often and tries to imitate the voice and pronunciation that he hears. The baby isn't afraid to make any mistakes and speaks the way as he wishes. The baby isn't worried about anyone laughing at him or making fun of him. In fact baby loves it when people laugh at him. So the same way, we must learn language just like the baby does. We as adults have an advantage when compared to newborn baby learning to speak a certain language. The reason why i say that is the baby do not know any language prior to learning their first language. But we as an adults probably knows English or any other language and all we need to do is to translate the language we want to learn to the language that we already know and vice versa.

If you happen to have someone who speak Spanish around you, it will be a great blessings and it can get much easier to learn for you. You can listen to them speak Spanish and so you can pick up words faster. Do not be afraid to make mistakes and do not be worried if people are going to laugh at you or joke about you. It is only by making mistakes that we learn properly. Ask Spanish people to teach you the correct pronunciation if you have difficulty pronouncing a word.

Another way is to buy a book or Spanish learning kit containing CDs to teach you the basic Spanish. With technology these days, if you own a smart phone, there are a lot of free Spanish learning apps that can teach you basic Spanish to intermediate Spanish. The higher expert level Spanish learning option probably will require you to make an in-app purchase. After you have learn enough basic Spanish, you can start listening to Spanish radios if you can find one in your local area, or download a radio app on your smart phone to run the Spanish radio station. You must be thinking how you are going to understand what was spoken in the radio but trust me, you do not need to understand what they speak initially. All you need to do is to listen to the Spanish words and how they are pronounced. Understanding the meaning of those words comes at a later stage. Just like a newborn baby, you would learn the language step by step. Once you seem comfortable with listening to Spanish radio, you can move on to watch Spanish movies with English subtitles displayed at the bottom. Repeat and say the words out loud as you hear them and again you do not need to know the meaning right away. Once you are okay with saying out the Spanish word, you can then proceed to try to understand the meaning of the words. This is how you can learn Spanish fast and efficiently taking a cue from the most unlikely source which is the Baby.
answered by Abdul Fahari (146 points)
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Watch video on "Tips to learn Spanish fast without much effort, if you are willing":

answered by Learn Spanish Fast

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