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Is it true that mosquitoes love biting people with blood group O+ positive and O- negative type?

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One of my friend used to tell me that every time he goes to a tropical islands or tropical country for vacationing, he gets bitten a lot by the mosquitoes. The mosquitoes just simply love biting him whereas his wife was spared although she was travelling along with him all throughout their vacation. He started getting all sorts of marks and scratches on his thigh, calve area and ankles. Sometimes blood could be seen oozing out. So he went to see a local physician down at the tropical places and the doctor told him that the reason, why he was bitten a lot more by the mosquitoes compared to his wife was he was of the blood group O+ positive type. His wife had blood group A+ positive type and so the mosquitoes wouldn't normally seek out people with that blood group type. It is a lot cheaper to visit the local physician at the tropical places and very unlike in Canada where if you aren't covered by the public Health care system, it would be very expensive.

Mosquito love blood group O people

asked in Bathurst by Amal Singh (170 points)

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2 Answers

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What you just mentioned about Mosquito loving biting people with blood group O+ positive or group O- negative is quite true. But that doesn't mean the mosquito won't bite people with other blood group. Mosquito would still bite them regardless of their blood group but just that they won't bite them as much as people with blood group O+ or O- type. People with blood group O+ positive or O- negative should take care when visiting places where there are lots of mosquitoes. Even in Canada, although the country pride itself on the cleanliness of the place, there are a lot of places in Canada where mosquitoes are as common as in hot tropical places.

The mosquitoes here in Canada likes to come out during the night time when the sun is down and they love standing water or muddy pools in people's backyard. They also hiding among the weeds in people's backyard. People should take care by wearing long sleeve tops and long pants, wear socks whenever possible. Try to cover much of your body without exposing much of your skin to the mosquitoes although i have experienced mosquitoes biting me through my clothes. Some mosquitoes have such a long piercing thing in front of their mouth that it can go through thin clothes.

Some retail stores sell citronella products which can prevent mosquito from biting you. You can also use mosquito coils which you need to light up with a match stick or cigarette lighter and it can burns for hours releasing the smell that mosquito hates. Though this mosquito coils will not kill the mosquito but it will definitely chase them away. Some stores also sell the mosquito repellent where you can simply plug into your house power outlet and it releases a scent which chases or weakens the mosquito flying around in your house. There is also a product called "ODOMOS" which you can apply on your skin before going outdoor where there will be lots of mosquitoes. You will be surprised how effective this product is.

Mosquito Coils

Mosquito repellent liquid

Mosquito repellent body application

answered by Tom Hodo (165 points)
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Watch video on "The all natural ways to prevent mosquitoes from biting you at your home or backyard":

answered by Prevent Mosquitoe Bites

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