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For comparison between Fido and Chatr wireless phone or data signal, which one is better?

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I have been using Rogers phone plans for quite sometime now and i like the phone and data signal because i get strong at most places i go to, but i i do not like their prices. Rogers have one of the most expensive phone plans and they have a reason to charge higher prices because they provide better phone signals than the other competitors. Rogers try to encourage people to lock into a contract with them by offering latest phones at discounted price, but if you look closely, their mobile phone plans pretty much pays for the phone itself in the long run.

Now i am seriously thinking of changing my mobile phone plans to Fido or Chatr. I know that these two company runs on the same network as Rogers since they are owned by Rogers already. People have reported difference in the quality of Voice and Data signal for both Fido and Chatr. I would like to know which one will provide the best quality in voice and data but for a better price. Price is also an important factor for me to consider because i am on a tight budget these days and i can't afford the pricey Rogers mobile phone plans anymore.

Rogers Fido Chatr

asked in Markham / York Region by Brandon Mclean (140 points)

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2 Answers

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I will have to make this comparison between Fido and Chatr voice and data signal using my Samsung galaxy note 5 because it is the only phone that i have tried both the Fido and Chatr Sim card on. Fido has a strong Data signal and it has a fast LTE network. Even in places where other phone company data signals will suffer, Fido data signal won't suffer much. However, Fido's voice signal is quite weak and sometimes while trying to dial someone, the phone disconnects by itself. At times, i would be in the middle of a conversation with someone, and then the phone signal would weakens and drop off disconnecting the call. Most of the time, my phone's network signal was at 2 bar out of five bars, only being out in the open will allow my phone to have full 5 bars signal.

Now with Chatr data signal, it is quite weak when i am inside a mall or inside some shops in a plaza. At times, i could not even connect to the internet using my chatr data plan when i am inside the shops in a plaza or a mall. I saw some malls have the glass skylight on the roof which i thought would improve my chatr data signals but no, Chatr data signal is really bad in receiving the signal when inside a building structure. Even when i turned on my phone data, it takes a while for my phone to start getting internet. Whereas when i was with Fido, my phone connected to Data really quick as soon as i turn Data on. Chatr voice signal is not bad and in fact it is better than Fido at times. i was getting more signal bars with Chatr than with Fido using the same Samsung Galaxy Note 5 phone. I got no dropped calls when talking to someone and connecting to my voice mail or dialling someone's number is pretty fast.
answered by Tyler Anderson (126 points)
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if you need LTE use fido but if you are fine with 3G go chatr for sure.
answered by Connor W

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