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What safety precaution should i take when it comes to buying and selling anything online through Kijiji classified website?

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One of my friend introduced me to the website Kijiji classified website for buying and selling stuff locally and i am interested in starting to sell some of my old electronics stuff. For anyone of you who doesn't know what Kijiji website does, it provides us a platform to buy or sell anything but the transaction doesn't takes place online unlike Ebay auction or selling. A seller post an item for sale in the Kijiji classified ads in the appropriate category and then if you like the item, you can contact the seller and ask for a meeting to possible take a look at the product and buy it, if you want. However, there is the safety issues such as robbery and scamming which could potentially results in a serious situation. 

I once read in the news paper wherein a guy wanted to sell his pickup truck and he posted it for sale in some classified ads website. Two men was interested in the ad and contacted the seller asking him for a test drive before making a decision to buy his pickup truck. The seller was happy and didn't think much of it. When the two men showed up, three of them went for a test drive. Now this area was much like a remote countryside in some parts of Canada. The two men loved the pickup truck and instead of purchasing it, they robbed this seller and killed him. They even dumped his body somewhere in a very remote parts of the area where even the police couldn't find it for a very long time. It was only after those two men were caught and confessed to the crime that the police was able to locate the corpses. So after hearing about the news, i was kinda skeptical about arranging a meeting with a stranger to buy his products or sell my products. What if the other person commits robbery or something harmful to us?


asked in Corner Brook by amelia dawson (156 points)

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2 Answers

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Like all transactions done online, there is a certain degree of risk involved in both party as a seller or a buyer. But when a sale transaction is done offline in the real world, between two person or more after an arrangement of meetings, it is even more riskier. First of all, you have no idea about the background of the person you are in contact with and if that other person is capable of doing any harm to you or your companion. This is not to say that you should never buy or sell anything through a classified site. You will need to use all the safety precaution and advice you can get to ensure a smooth transaction for yourself and the other person.

(1) Always tell your friends, family members about the arrangement meetings you are going to either buy or sell stuff. Let them know your exact location and tell them that if you do not return by a certain time, they should consider calling the police, if they can't reach you over the phone either.

(2) Arrange the meeting in a public space such as a mall, plaza, Coffee place where there are a lot of people always moving around, so that in case if this other person tries to rob you or do any harm to you, there will be people around to help you. Look for places where the stores might have a security camera installed, this is very helpful in the event that something bad happens to you, everything will be recorded in the security camera. Never ever listen to the other person arranging a meeting at a desolated and quiet area where there are no one around.

(3) The time of the meeting is very important too. Try to schedule your meeting time during the day time and do not arrange meeting at late night. If you absolutely need to do it at night because you are busy with work during the day time, then arrange the meeting at a 24 Hrs coffee place such as Tim Hortons, Gas Stations or a Supermarket like Metro.

(4) If you have someone to come along with you, it would deter any criminal intentions from the other person, since you have a companion now watching out for you.

(5) If you are buying something from a seller, you can ask to test the product before buying, and most of the time, the seller would agree to it. Remember there is no warranty later once this transaction is complete. So check your product carefully and don't be pressured into buying it if you decided not to buy it. You should remember that most products listed in Classified Ads are used item products and most of the items don't carry a warranty except for a few items such as smart phones which might still have a store or manufacturer's warranty.

(6) If you are selling an item or products, make sure that the buyer don't distract you while seemingly interested in your product, meanwhile their friends quietly steals your product from your hand. And before you know it, they all started to run away with your product. If you were in a public places and where security cameras would be, then the buyers would be scared to rob you of your products. Always check to see if the money given to you are fake or real by rubbing your thumb and index finger over the bottom rough portion of the money note. If you feel the money note is rough with grooves lines at the bottom area, then the money is real. If it feels like fake then probably it is fake money.
answered by Joni Aleman (117 points)
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