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How do I perform a website uptime monitoring test to check if my website is down or was it just me experiencing a down website?

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I run a questions and answers website and my website was running fine until a few days ago, when I logged into the admin section of my website and i tried to click on my website layout section settings, then the error appeared showing err_connection_refused. After that, I tried going back to the previous page and also typing my website home page but the same message still appeared. I was worried that I might have done something wrong to mess up the complete website but after about ten minutes, my website was back up running fine again.

Feeling dissatisfied and curious, I wanted to find out why that error was happening, so I entered my website admin section again and tried to click on some settings tab, again immediately after that, the same err_connection_refused message appeared. Sometimes it does take a lot longer for my website to get back to normal by itself. I wonder if it is just me having problem accessing my own website or if my followers who uses my website does face the same problem too. I need to know if my website is down or up running when that happens. I do not want to lose all the questions and answers that people have written on my own website.
asked in Corner Brook by Ralph MIller (140 points)

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2 Answers

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I know it can be frustrating when you realised that your own website is experiencing some problems and that you wouldn't want your users to be affected by the problem. At times, it will take quite a long time to solve your website problem. However, in your case as mentioned by you, it sounds like some kind of an internet connection problem coming from your side. This doesn't necessarily means that your entire website is down and people can't access it.

Usually your hosting server will reset itself after sometime, perhaps ranging from a few minutes to a few hours, and then after that you will be able to access your website again. Alternatively, you can try accessing your own website by using another internet connection such as your own mobile data plan or your relative's home wifi internet connection. I am sure that if you are the only one experiencing the problem, using another internet connection you will have no problem connecting to your own website. To check that if other people or your users are experiencing the same problem as you are, go to http://downforeveryoneorjustme.com
answered by Randy Goodman (128 points)
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Watch video on "How to know if a particular website is down for everyone in the internet or is it just you experiencing the problem":

answered by Website Down Or Not

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