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How do i correct a mistake on my new Permanent Resident Card?

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At the time of applying for my new Permanent Resident Card, my Immigration Lawyer had made a mistake on the spelling of my name and i didn't check properly either before submitting the forms. I was too dependent on my Immigration Lawyer and didn't give it much thought that it would come back to give me headaches. I came to Canada on a student permit and after my studies, i worked for about a year or so before applying for my Permanent Residence Card. Although i could have applied on my own without using an Immigration Representative Lawyer but i felt that by doing so, my case could be much stronger. It was only after i received my Permanent Residence Card that i realized that i shouldn't have used an Immigration Consultant Lawyer because they practically did nothing and it was me who was filling out most of the forms. Since i was kinda busy with work and other things and i didn't pay much attention to my name spelling mistake, even my Immigration Lawyer didn't catch the mistake. She actually was the one who eventually had to type in my details because the forms i submitted was not filled out properly, she said.

Well, all is done and the mistake on my name still exist on my Permanent Resident Card. I would like to correct this mistake before it gets into my other documents such as my Passport or Citizenship card in the future. What is the easiest way to correct the mistake in my name for my Permanent Resident Card?
asked in Annapolis Valley by Nancy Yueng (203 points)

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2 Answers

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There are two conditions in which you can correct a mistake on your Canadian Permanent Residence Card:

1. If the Canadian immigration department makes a mistake or miss something in your Permanent Residence, then you can apply for a reissued card. "Apply for a reissued Permanent Residence Card"

2. If it is not the mistake of the Canadian Immigration Department and it is simply some information about yourself that you would like to change such as legal name change, name change after marriage or divorce, updated signature. "Apply for a new Permanent Residence Card"

Follow the simple instructions after clicking on the above links. The application methods are straight forward and is not complicated at all.

answered by Bonnie Lewis (124 points)
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Watch video on "How to get a Permanent Residence Card in Canada":

answered by Permanent Residence Card

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