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how to change furnace air filters and How often do you need to change your furnace filters?

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I have been living in Condominium units before i moved into a townhouse. While i was living at the condominium units, i never had to change the furnace air filters because we had a central furnace system which was essentially supplied by the electrical type system. I only had to turn on each heater on each room and hot air starts rolling in. When i moved into a townhouse, i realized that they had a central furnace heating system which was fueled by natural gas. Once the central furnace heater starts running, the whole house starts getting warm air. Someone told me that i need to regularly change the air filters with the furnace heating unit but i have no idea as to how i could change them and how often should i be changing them. Does this air filters also control the filtering of the air during when the Air conditioner is turned on? I noticed that my air conditioner is located outside at my backyard instead of located indoors. I have seen some old type Air conditioners at some people's house which actually runs inside the house and it uses water to actually cool the Air conditioners unit which in turn produces cool air for the whole house. Are furnace and air conditioners filters the same?
asked in Cape Breton by Wan Li (182 points)

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2 Answers

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Hot furnace and Air conditioners usually uses the same Air filter to trap the dust in the house when either the hot furnace or the Air Conditioners is running. The Air has to pass through this same Air filter before getting released into your house. Furnace air filters are quite cheap and they do come in two or three pieces per pack. The normal size for most furnace filter is 16x25x1 and it fits most furnaces. You can buy them from Canadiantire or walmart or Home depot. They are usually on sale during the summer months.

Furnace Filters

The place to insert this Air filter is located at the connection between your furnace opening and your aluminium tubing vent as shown in the image below: 

Change furnace filters

Just be sure that your Air filter is facing the furnace side (Look for the arrow on the Air Filter which says "This side faces furnace"). There is no problem even if you faces it the wrong way. It is just that the air flows much better and cleans better when the Air filter is facing the correct way.

You do not need a separate Air Filter for your Air conditioners because they uses the same Air filters and the cool air produced by your Air conditioners has to pass through your furnace vents anyways.

answered by Frank Cruz (124 points)
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Watch video on "How to change your furnace or A/C air filter, explained in an easy way":

answered by Air furnace filter

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